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Friday, September 12, 2008

Bridal Makeup

A friend of mine and I went on a spur of the moment trip recently to get a makeover for her upcoming nuptials.  It went so well that I had to share the makeup choices with everyone. It was truly a classic, beautiful look.  Not over the top, yet special and natural looking at the same time. What every bride would want to look like!!

The makeup artist first used cream shadow in glacier as a base for the eyelids.  A shimmery petal went on the lids with stone, a shimmery greyish brown in the crease.  Bone shadow was used to highlight the brow bone.  Chocolate brown shimmer ink eye liner pulled the look together.  

A fresh looking flush was created with pink sugar blush over the moisturizing balm.  The artist did teach us a really handy trick- brides shouldn't use anything with SPF in it on their wedding day--- it does not photograph well!!!  It creates a sheen with the flash photography.  So while she used the balm on this day as a foundation/base, we will find a foundation without SPF for the big day.

The look was...perfect.  Becky, chime in with the lip color choice- I know it was raspberry something.  It just had the perfect color punch to bring it all together. And if I forgot something or got something wrong, post it in the comments.  

Bobbi Brown Shimmering Nudes Collection

So I got the new Bobbi Brown Shimmering nudes collection on Saturday. It is just a gorgeous palette of 7 really wearable nude eyeshadows. I am not a person who wears a lot of neutral shadows, but I have to say this is a great product.  They will look good on everyone and go with any outfit. I think my favorite part is that the type of shadows vary- there are two shimmer wash shadows, two matte finish shadows, and three metallic shimmer shadows.  You can mix and match for the perfect effect!!  
Shimmering Nudes Palette

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The brush is a phenom!

So I just had to buy the sephora-exclusive mascara by Givency.  It is called Phenomen'Eyes.  I mainly had to get it because the wand is a sphere instead of a wand.  That just intrigued me.  It is supposed to be easier to get every little lash, even the shorter ones.  

I really like the wand.  I think it does a great job getting all the lashes.  It doesn't take any longer to apply even though it is much smaller than a standard wand.  It doesn't make my lashes the longest I've ever seen them, but it does give them a nice curl.

I also think the color is gorgeous. It is just black, but it is such a rich black, it is definitely my favorite mascara color-wise.  It really brightens up blue eyes.  

My one complaint would be that is does smudge. Granted, I am a person who rubs my eyes a lot, and it was humid this weekend. I am more used to the fibrous mascaras out that really bond to your lashes and don't smudge.  Another point to is $27!!!!  Quite the expense for a mascara.  I'm glad I tried it, I feel like I still need more time to decide if it will be worth it to buy again.  Regardless, I am keeping the wand portion and I will clean it and perhaps use it again with other mascaras.  Yes, it is that cool. :)

Overall grade:  B+

Monday, August 25, 2008

Wedding Makeup

Hiiiiii! So I am going to my roommate from college's wedding this weekend. It's an afternoon wedding -- starts at 3 and will probably go until 8. i am wearing a really simple black dress with a bateau neckline, so I am thinking I can go big on the makeup. I just bought two of the new YSL quads, and I love them both so much. I got the pink one and the green one (sorry, can't remember the names at the moment and am too lazy to look them up.) My plan is to go for a dramatic pink look, just because it's summertime in the day and I generally only wear green in the fall/winter. But not too dramatic. I'll do a neutral lip, maybe Stila Glaze in Vanilla??? I was thinking about trying out false eyelashes but I think that may be taking it a little too far for an afternoon summertime wedding.... although it would make for great photos....

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Liquid Liner, Laura style

Ok, so Alexis is totally crazy by saying I can apply liquid liner well. I can't. It is hard. I have discovered something though. It is not so much a product, but the design of a product.  I love the YSL liquid liner, but the applicator is too long. Your hand is too far away from your eye to frequently create a good line. And though it is possible to still create a good line with it, it...will...take...forever.  And you have to just get lucky sometimes.  

The liquid liner that is much more user friendly?  Stila liquid eye liner. Though it only comes in black, the tube is palm sized and holding it feels natural, like holding a golf pencil.  This gives me so much more control and the consistency of the liner is great- it glides right on.  It also stays nice and I haven't noticed it rubbing off at inopportune moments.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Best Vacation Buy

I got the greatest perfume on vacation. The only reason I even picked it up to smell it was because I had heard of it. It is a perfume featured online at one of my favorite places to shop--but it is always sold out. Plus, I was never going to buy a perfume online based only on a description.  

It is Kai perfume oil. It is amazing. It is very light, fresh, with a hint of gardenia. Though I don't know if the gardenia part is true, it just reminds me of gardenia.  It comes in a tiny rollerball applicator which is so easy for travel.  

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Summertime Makeup Issues, Cont'd

So, sometimes when I am feeling especially motivated, I drag myself out of bed at 5 a.m. and go running before I shower and get ready for work. (By "sometimes," I mean once a week, maybe, if I'm lucky.) The problem is that during the summer, it is so hot and humid even at 5 a.m. that after I get back home and shower, I am still sweating. Gross, I know. And it makes it nearly impossible to put makeup on, so I wind up going to work red and blotchy. I would love to find a powder foundation that I can use instead of my regular Bobbi Brown tinted moisturizer on these days, but I have yet to find one that even makes a dent in my splotchiness. I have even tried the mineral makeup, to no avail. Since having to show up to work looking like I just had a chemical peel enters my mind as a potential excuse not to exercise in the morning, I would love to find a solution and give myself one less reason to hit the snooze button.