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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Liquid Liner, Laura style

Ok, so Alexis is totally crazy by saying I can apply liquid liner well. I can't. It is hard. I have discovered something though. It is not so much a product, but the design of a product.  I love the YSL liquid liner, but the applicator is too long. Your hand is too far away from your eye to frequently create a good line. And though it is possible to still create a good line with it, it...will...take...forever.  And you have to just get lucky sometimes.  

The liquid liner that is much more user friendly?  Stila liquid eye liner. Though it only comes in black, the tube is palm sized and holding it feels natural, like holding a golf pencil.  This gives me so much more control and the consistency of the liner is great- it glides right on.  It also stays nice and I haven't noticed it rubbing off at inopportune moments.


Alexis said...

Ooh, good tips! How about the LM liquid liner, did you ever get that?

Laura said...

I did!! I had a much harder time applying it. I love the LM colors, but it really doesn't work well for me. By the time I use the brush to put it on, the color really dissipates and it looks more like a pan liner anyway, for way more trouble.