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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The brush is a phenom!

So I just had to buy the sephora-exclusive mascara by Givency.  It is called Phenomen'Eyes.  I mainly had to get it because the wand is a sphere instead of a wand.  That just intrigued me.  It is supposed to be easier to get every little lash, even the shorter ones.  

I really like the wand.  I think it does a great job getting all the lashes.  It doesn't take any longer to apply even though it is much smaller than a standard wand.  It doesn't make my lashes the longest I've ever seen them, but it does give them a nice curl.

I also think the color is gorgeous. It is just black, but it is such a rich black, it is definitely my favorite mascara color-wise.  It really brightens up blue eyes.  

My one complaint would be that is does smudge. Granted, I am a person who rubs my eyes a lot, and it was humid this weekend. I am more used to the fibrous mascaras out that really bond to your lashes and don't smudge.  Another point to is $27!!!!  Quite the expense for a mascara.  I'm glad I tried it, I feel like I still need more time to decide if it will be worth it to buy again.  Regardless, I am keeping the wand portion and I will clean it and perhaps use it again with other mascaras.  Yes, it is that cool. :)

Overall grade:  B+


Alexis said...

So you are saying it does not make your lashes look like the ones in that picture?? False advertising!

Laura said...

I know!! I've always wanted eyelashes that covered my forehead....